We Aren’t Sure Yet


When you have a child who is about to turn five, and it’s the second half of the school year, the incredibly common question, the simple question, the conversational question, the ice breaker question, the easy question, the question everyone asks, heck, the normal question, is always the same.  “Where are you guys going to […]

Comparison In Special Needs Parenting

Comparison In Special Needs

There is an interesting thing that happens when you have a child with special needs.  At the first sign of delays or a cause for concern, people are quick to tell you “don’t compare them to other children”.  Friends, family members, random people at the grocery store – it’s one of those things that you […]

What’s Mine Is Mine And What’s Yours Is Mine.

Whats Mine Is Mine Whats Yours Is Mine

One of the odd things about delays and autism and the like is that the typical flow of developmental milestones really don’t apply.  Just take that what to expect book and toss it out the window.  At 3.5, Miss G has many skills that are advanced for her age, such as climbing (and giving her […]

Looking Forward To A New Year

Looking forward to a new year

2013 was a tough year.   There is no denying that.  But tough times teach us lessons, allow us to grow, remind us to be thankful for the blessings in our life and give us the opportunity to look forward with hope.   And that’s where I stand as we look forward to 2014.  We’ve survived a […]

Special Needs Christmas


This year will be G’s fourth Christmas. Her first one was like any other eight month old’s first Christmas.   Crawling, sitting and just fascinated by the world around her.  The lights, the tree, the presents.  All so exciting and fun. She was so little, so sweet and it was so simple.  I often wish I […]

Focusing On What Matters


As usual, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  Funny thing, I think about posting here all the time, to work through thoughts and challenges, but life is so busy.  Life is too busy.  Sometimes when life is too busy, that’s exactly when we need to reflect, find and focus on what really matters. […]

The (Happy) Hard Moments – Special Needs Parenting

Special Needs Parenting

As each day goes by, and my daughter gets a day older, I realize more that this whole special needs parenting thing is a long string of hard moments.  There is a lot of joy, don’t get me wrong, but there is also heartache, and often in places you weren’t expecting it.   Today’s unexpected place […]

40 & Finding The Future – Breaking It Down

Cleaning With Children

So I figure if I’m going to take stock and clean up the mess that is my life, I need to break down those different areas in life.  Between working from home while caring for my girls and coming from a dysfunctional family where some members not only do not respect boundaries, but are enraged […]