Failing At 40


In a few weeks, I will hit the big 4-0.   You hear all of the different saying.  Fantastic at 40!  40 and Fabulous!  Freedom at 40!   You think, yeah, that’s right, that’s what I’m going to be, freaking fabulous!   I see photos on Facebook of old friends (as your graduating class all shares the age) […]

National Apraxia Awareness Day

Apraxia Awareness Day

Today was the first National Apraxia Day.  What an amazing day of seeing the light shine on apraxia, the beautiful children living with it and the families working non-stop to help these children find their voices.   It was incredible to see apraxia all over my social media feeds, for at least a day, apraxia was […]

Autism Awareness


I go back and forth between keeping this blog running or just sharing everything over on my main blog.  But at the end of the day, somethings feel like they need their own special space in cyber space.  And this post is one of them. It’s interesting timing that April is autism awareness month, and […]

Focusing On The Joy, Not Finding The Fix

Originally Posted On Love From The Oven I’ll be honest, it’s felt like quite a risk to step out of my kitchen and share a bit more of my personal life on this blog. I worry that people looking for cake pops will be all confused and upset about a post that doesn’t include buttercream. […]

Special Needs Care Maps

Originally Posted On Love From The Oven Last week HuffPost Parents shared an amazing and powerful “care map” that special needs parent Cristen drew to illustrate all that goes into caring for her special needs child. It was incredible to look at and see all of the items written out, the items that for most […]

Some Days

Originally Posted On Love From The Oven There are days that are good. There are days that are bad. And there are some days that are hard. Today is hard. I always feel like I need to immediately add a disclaimer – it could be so much worse. I’ve watched friend’s lose spouses at young […]

Looking Forward Looking Back

(Originally posted on Love From The Oven) This is more of a personal post than a baking post, one of my “behind the blog” type of posts. And a long one! 2012 has been an extremely busy year here in the Love From The Oven house. In addition to baking up sweets and treats and […]